From the eyes to the target


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Latest book from the collection of the French shooting instructor Benoit Bauduin. Benoit is the owner and instructor for the Impacts shooting school in Bordeaux, France. Long Range Academy's shooting instructor, Michael Desrosiers was fortunate enough to be invited to their 5-days full shooting course in July 2018.

Longshot E-Store is the only Canadian depository of Impacts books

''The trajectory of a projectile depends on a number of parameters which interact with each other and whose effects are variable at each moment. The author develops the different elements in order to read the terrain to understand the wind. The behavior of the wind in urban areas is also developed there.

Other parameters have an influence on the precision without necessarily entering the field of external ballistics. The loss of precision due to the mirage effect, the consistency of the shooter's aiming or the impact of visual defects on the standard of performance is demonstrated.

This manual provides a number of elements to improve reading of the terrain to understand the wind. Understanding all the phenomena discussed in this book allows you to improve your skills in order to put them into practice in the field. ''

Benoit Bauduin, Master of arms

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